The UK based Qibla Cola Company Ltd., founded by Derby based businesswoman, Zahida Parveen, is to launch its Islamic alternative cola in Canada.

The Surrey (British Columbia) based Bimex Marketing & Distribution has won the contract to import the concentrate, bottle locally and distribute the drink in the country.

Parveen said: "The Qibla brand aims to provide consumers from within the Muslim community and all people of conscience with an alternative brand of this popular soft drink.

"The appeal for Qibla Cola is gaining global momentum. Consumers appreciate the way Qibla Cola tastes and looks whilst knowing that their money will contribute to worthy causes."

Mohamed Jafar Bhamji, spokesman for Bimex Marketing & Distribution in Canada said: "We have witnessed a massive demand for real alternative soft drinks from all over Canada, we see Qibla Cola filling this vacuum."

The Qibla Cola Company gives 10% of all profits made to world causes.