Wine exports from France have slipped in the first quarter of this year, according to recent figures. The French wine and spirits exporters federation, FEVS, said today (26 May) that exports in the three-month period fell by 13.2% in volume and 13% in value, slumping to €752.1m (US$946.1m), compared to the last quarter of 2004.

FEVS pointed out, however, that these figures do not include Champagne or sparkling wines.

The worst affected region was the Cotes du Rhone in southern France, whose value plummeted by 34.7%. Bordeaux fell by 17.7%, while Burgundy slipped by 3.3%. Wines from the Loire were the only ones that registered a rise in the quarter.

The federation added that Champagne exports were up by 14.4% in export sales value in the quarter.

Total wine exports from France last year were down by 4.8% compared to 2003.