The Purple Beverage Co. has appointed a former Pizza Hut and Pepsi-Cola executive as its new marketing advisor.

The company behind the antioxidant fruit drink brand Purple said today (30 October), that Michael Lorelli, who has previously held the position of president at both Pepsi-Cola East and Pizza Hut's international division, will take on the role of leading the company's marketing decisions.

Lorelli said: "The new age segment of the beverage market is hot, and Purple is on the cutting edge of innovation by combining seven of the most powerful fruits in this antioxidant-rich product."

Purple Beverage Co. CEO Ted Farnsworth added: "I can't begin to imagine how many times someone with the industry expertise that Mike Lorelli has is approached by new beverage companies. His decision to join the Purple team is a great endorsement of our concept and product that validates what I've believed since founding the Purple Beverage Company - the antioxidant beverage space is growing at an exponential rate and that there is a huge market for Purple."