Purity Soft Drinks is backing sales for its Juice Burst brand

Purity Soft Drinks is backing sales for its Juice Burst brand

The UK's Purity Soft Drinks is aiming to double sales over the next three years as it continues to invest in its Juice Burst brand.

The company is spending GBP4m (US$5.3m) on Juice Burst sales and marketing and expanding sales overseas into Asia and the Middle East, Purity said today. The investment follows a GBP4m spend on a new production line for the juice drink, which has increased sales by 20% year-on-year over the past two years.

Purity also said it intends to continue removing sugar from the Juice Burst range, which is currently 70% no-added-sugar.

"With consumers becoming more and more conscious about the products they're eating and drinking, it's important we strive to create the best product we can," said Purity CEO David Bell, who joined the company in 2014 from Mars.

"Continually innovating is key to us driving this category forward and ensuring great taste while reducing our sugar content."

Juice Burst's annual sales are GBP30m, and it is the fastest-growing national brand in the juice and juice drink category in UK retail, according to IRI. Purity said it is set to launch in schools across Hong Kong and the Middle East within the next few months.

Lawmakers across the world are putting increasing pressure on sugared CSDs, which health activists link to growing rates of global obesity. Earlier this year, the UK government announced plans for a sugar tax on beverages, which is expected to come into effect in 2018.