Plans to replace the traditional pint glass with one made of plastic to reduce alcohol-related injuries could be costly and wasteful, the UK pub industry has warned.

The Home Office has commissioned a new design, in an attempt to stop pint glasses being used as weapons.

According to reports, figures show there are 87,000 violent incidents a year involving glass pints, which cost the authorities around GBP100m.

However, The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has hit back at the plans.

BBPA Neil Williams told just-drinks: "It's a big ask for them to come up with the holy grail of something that looks and feels like glass but that doesn't actually break and we would certainly be very wary about any efforts to roll out plastic glassware across all outlets. We very firmly believe that it should only be done on a case-by-case basis."

He added that the scheme would only work if an individual premises were to show, in a risk assessment, that they needed to move in that direction.

"We're very much against a blanket approach," Williams said. "It certainly would come with a cost and it's also fair to say, do we really want to create huge amounts of plastic waste as well which would be an issue, so I think there are all sorts of issues here that need to be looked at, but we'll see what the design council comes up with."

It is understood the Home Office is looking at two approaches; either coating the glass with a substance that will make sure the glass doesn't shatter into pieces, or changing the whole shape and substance of the pint altogether.