United Breweries Kingfisher Ultra Max

United Breweries' Kingfisher Ultra Max

United Breweries' Kingfisher Ultra Max

Category - Beer, Indian, 8% abv

Available – From this month

Location – India, in Bangalore, Haryana and Maharashtra

Price - In Maharashtra, INR180 (US$2.85) per 65cl bottle, INR140 per 50cl can and INR110 per 33cl bottle

Distribution – United Breweries

United Breweries has extended its premium beer brand Kingfisher Ultra’s portfolio by launching Kingfisher Ultra Max making it the most expensive strong beer (8% abv and above) in the country. The brand will be mainly competing with SABMiller’s Miller ACE, which was introduced to the market last year.

Carlsberg Elephant and Budweiser Magnum are the other two strong beer brands presently available in India.

Earlier this year, local reports claimed that Heineken was looking to increase its holding in United Breweries. Heineken owns a 38.9% stake, having inherited an initial holding when it bought Scottish & Newcastle jointly with Carlsberg in 2008.