Click through to view Gonzalez Byass Fino Palmas range

Click through to view Gonzalez Byass' Fino Palmas range

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Gonzalez Byass' Fino Palmas range

Category - Wine, fortified, Sherry, between 16% and 20.5% abv

Available - From next month

Location - UK, stockists to date are Lay & Wheeler, Lea & Sandeman, The Wine Society, Berry Brothers, Harvey Nichols, Old School Wines, Flagship Wines, Tanners, SH Jones, Grape and Grind. On-trade stockists to be confirmed

Price - Fino Una Palmas GBP12 (US$19.15), Fino Dos Palmas GBP18, Fino Tres Palmas GBP35 and Cuatro Palmas GBP50, all per 50cl bottle

Distribution - Gonzalez Byass UK

Gonzalez Byass has lined up the launch of the Fino Palmas Sherry range, consisting of Fino Una Palmas, Fino Dos Palmas, Fino Tres Palmas and Cuatro Palmas.

The Palmas mark on a Fino cask, made by the cellar-master in chalk, is a way of indicating those casks where the micro-climate in that part of the bodega, and in that particular cask, had led to an abundant growth of flor on the surface of the wine.

Una Palma is six years old, while Dos Palmas is eight. The Tres Palmas is a ten-year-old Fino and the Cuatro Palmas is a 40-year-old Amontillado.

“Each one (of the range) is a more mature style of Tio Pepe,” said Martin Skelton, MD of Gonzalez Byass UK. “In each case we have selected only those Fino casks that were found to be most delicate and elegant, normally due to the continued presence of ‘flor’.”

The range also launched in Spain this week.