The Double Cola Cos Strawberry Ski

The Double Cola Co's Strawberry Ski

The Double Cola Co's Strawberry Ski

Category - Soft drink, flavoured

Available - Since 20 April

Location - US, in selected markets, in chains such as Jr. Foods, Houchens, Circle S Food Marts, Circle A, Buy Low, Wesselman’s, Gas Mart, Kroger and Schnuck’s across Atlanta, Chattanooga, Evansville, Madisonville, and Oakland

Price - SRP of US$1.49 to $1.69 per 20 oz bottle

The Double Cola Co has released a limited edition flavour extension to its Ski soft drink brand in the US.

Strawberry Ski was selected by consumers via the 'Flavour Your Ski' campaign on Facebook and Twitter last year. "The new flavour contains the original Ski formula made with real lemon and orange juices," the Tennessee-based company said.