The Coca-Cola Cos Innocent Light & Juicy

The Coca-Cola Co's Innocent Light & Juicy

The Coca-Cola Co's Innocent Light & Juicy

Category - Soft drinks, fruit juice

Available - From this month

Location - UK & Ireland, nation-wide

Price - SRP of GBP2.49 (US$2.20) per 90cl bottle

Distribution - Coca-Cola GB

The Coca-Cola Co's UK subsidiary Innocent has launched a new fruit juice diluted with water and coconut water to reduce sugar levels.

Innocent Light & Juicy claims to be 30% lower in sugar without using concentrates or artificial sweeteners. "We think it’s the perfect option for consumers in need of a little light refreshment that tastes good and does them good too," Innocent said.

Juice makers such as Innocent, which produces a regular range of juice blends that are 100% fruit, are being encouraged by health activists to reduce sugar levels to combat growing levels of obesity. Owner Coca-Cola has pledged to reduce beverage calories consumed in the US by one-fifth in the next ten years.

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