La Caravedo

La Caravedo

Pisco Portón's La Caravedo 

Category - Spirits, pisco, 40% abv 

Available - From now

Location - US; “key” markets 

Price - US$24.99 

Pisco Portón has added a new expression to its portfolio in a bid to highlight the “versatility” of the white spirit. 

La Caravedo, which is being made available in “key” US markets, is a pisco puro, meaning it is made from only one of the eight grape varietals allowed by Peruvian law to make pisco. 

“We have seen incredible growth for Pisco Portón as well as increasing demand within the category for high quality pisco,” says Brent Kallop, President of Pisco Portón LLC. “Based on this trend, we felt it was the right time to launch La Caravedo, with the intent to give more people the opportunity to taste and appreciate pisco.