Dulce Vida Spirits' Dulce Vida Tequila

Category - Spirits, Tequila, blanco, reposado and añejo

Available - Now

Location - US. Austin and San Antonio in Texas, with plans to roll out into other Texas and major national markets throughout 2010

Price - SRP US$45.00 per 750ml bottle of Dulce Vida's Blanco, $50.00 for the Anejo and $55.00 for the Reposado

Distribution - Glazer's

Dulce Vida is a handcrafted Tequila made from organic agave.

While the company is based in Austin, Dulce Vida has sourced its agave from the Pacific Coast Highland region of Tepic, Nayarit.

The Reposado and Añejo variants are aged in single-barrel oak Kentucky Whisky barrels (the Reposado for 12 months and the Añejo for 24 months).