Distillery No 209's Barrel Reserve gin range

Category - Spirits, gin, 46% abv

Available - Since late last month

Location - UK

Price - RSP of GBP59.95 per 75cl bottle

Distribution - Hi-Spirits

US craft spirits producer Distillery No 209 has released its three-strong Barrel Reserve gin range in the UK. The San Francisco-based company will distribute the expressions, all of which are aged in French oak wine barrels from sister business the Rudd Oakville Estate winery in Napa Valley, through Hi-Spirits.

Full details of the three iterations can be found in the press release below.

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As consumer interest in craft and premium gin continues to grow, three limited edition Barrel Reserve gins from San Francisco’s Distillery No. 209 are being launched in the UK by Hi-Spirits.

Barrel Reserve is made by aging the acclaimed No. 209 Gin in French oak wine barrels from the distillery’s sister business, the Rudd Oakville Estate winery in Napa Valley.

The three varieties are:

  • No. 209 Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel Reserve Gin: Having taken on an elegant copper colour during the aging process, this has hints of citrus, spice and subtle wine notes, with chocolate and oak on the finish
  • No. 209 Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Reserve Gin: With a sunny, straw colour from its time in the barrel, this has an initial citrus tang, followed by floral notes of lavender, rose and chamomile
  • No. 209 Chardonnay Barrel Reserve Gin: The latest expression in the range has a subtle, straw-like colour, with slight fruit sweetness, toasty oak flavours and a pronounced butterscotch note.

Dan Bolton, managing director of Hi-Spirits, said: “The combination of distilling and winemaking experience makes the No. 209 Barrel Reserve Gins unique, and the care and craft that have gone into barrel aging gives each of them a very special character.

“No. 209 is already has a reputation as a ‘mixologists gin’, and the wine flavour notes added buy the barrel aging process means that each variety brings something unique to the full range of gin cocktails, from the gin & tonic to classics such as the Negroni and Martini.

“We’re very pleased to have a limited UK allocation of these very special gins. As well as appealing to the bar professionals and aficionados who already enjoy No. 209 Gin, there’ll be strong interest from those looking for something genuinely different within the gin category.”

Each No. 209 Barrel Reserve Gin is 46% ABV and comes in a customised version of the distinctive 75cl No.209 bottle, with an RSP of £59.95.

Original source: Company Release