5Alive Pulpy Orange is made from Nigerian oranges

5Alive Pulpy Orange is made from Nigerian oranges

Product Launch - Coca-Cola Nigeria's 5Alive Pulpy Orange

Category - soft drinks, juice

Available - From this month

Markets - Nigeria

Price - TBC

Coca-Cola Nigeria has launched 5Alive Pulpy Orange - the first pulpy extension of its 5Alive juice brand in Nigeria. According to the company, 5Alive Pulpy Orange contains "real fruit juice and pulp and it has no fizz or added preservatives". The 5Alive juice brand comprises Orange, Berry Blast, Apple, Citrus Burst and Pineapple Punch.

Oranges used in the production of 5Alive Pulpy are sourced from farmers in Nigeria, according to Coca-Cola Nigeria. 

The 40cl PET bottle will be rolled out across 35,000 outlets in all major cities around the country.

Last week, Coca-Cola Co stepped up distribution of Surge soda, bringing it back to US stores for the first time since its relaunch.