Bacardi Carta Fuego

Bacardi Carta Fuego

Bacardi's Bacardi Carta Fuego

Category – Spirits, rum, flavoured, 40% abv

Available – From this month

Location – Canada, Mexico, the UK, Spain, Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Luxembourg, Iceland and Global Travel Retail

Price – In UK off-trade, RRP of GBP21 (US$) per 70cl bottle

Distribution – Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands

Bacardi has released a spiced extension of its namesake rum brand. Comprising one-year-old rum from Puerto Rico that has been mixed with flavours and spices, Bacardi Carta Fuego has been designed to be consumed as a shot.

"Spiced rum is a fantastic way for consumers to experience rum for the first time," the company said. "We want to continue to be innovative and disrupt within spiced rum to help drive further growth."

Earlier this year, Bacardi updated the packaging and names of its core range. The Superior, Gold and Black expressions are now called Carta Blanca, Carta Oro and Carta Negra.