B Freshs Greenglow celery & lettuce juice

B Fresh's Greenglow celery & lettuce juice

B Fresh's Greenglow

Category – Soft drinks, cold-pressed juice

Available – From this month

Location – Online and in UK off-trade

Price – RRP of GBP2.50 (US$3.90) per 25cl bottle

UK juice company B Fresh has added a celery & iceberg lettuce variant to its namesake cold-pressed juice brand.

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Greenglow, the ninth flavour in the B Fresh range, comprises 30% cucumber, 22% iceberg, 19% romaine, 15% spinach, 5% kale, 5% lemon and 4% ginger.

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B.Fresh, the cold pressed juice brand is meeting consumer demand with the launch of is new drink #greenglow. After receiving consumer feedback it came to light that celery was a love or loathe ingredient. The British cold pressed juice brand went back into its juicery to create a low calorie green juice made with the inclusion of iceberg lettuce.

Produced by third generation farmer, Philip Maddocks, the #greenglow will be a welcome new addition for those who previously found celery hard to swallow. The #greenglow will offer all the delicious virtues of greens and remain high in nutrients.

A high source of Vitamin K and Potassium, the #greenglow offers a natural boost of minerals and nutrients and like all the B.Fresh drinks is one of your five a day. The only British grower with cold pressed High Pressure Process (HPP) juice capability, B.Fresh prides itself on using British ingredients where possible.

Philip Maddocks, Founder of B.Fresh says: “Consumer feedback is a huge part of our business development and the launch of #greenglow shows how seriously we take it. We hope #greenglow will be a firm new favourite with those who enjoyed #leanandgreen as it offers all the refreshing flavour but with the warmth of ginger and without the celery.”

B.Fresh juices are currently available in Wholefoods, Booths Supermarkets, a range of independents and online direct from www.b-fresh.co.uk with an RRP of £2.50.

B.Fresh Range:

  • #leanandgreen - 30% celery 30% cucumber 15% romaine 15% spinach 5% kale 2.5% ginger 2.5% lemon - Pure & simple greens with a hint of ginger, 28 calories
  • #hydrationgreen - 30% cucumber 30% apple 20%iceburg 18.5%romaine 1.5% lime - Light & hydrating with a subtle sweetness, 50 calories
  • #greenwarrior - 35% apple 27% cucumber 25.5 spinach 10% kale 1.5% lime 1% ginger - Smooth blend of greens with a hint of ginger, 60 calories
  • #rockthebeets- 50% beetroot 28% apple 20% spinach 2% lemon - Rich and earthy beetroot blend, 70 calories
  • #carrotkick- 65% carrot 20% apple 15% orange - Light carrot with a zesty kick, 65 calories
  • #easybeet - 39%apple 35% carrot 25% beetroot 1% lemon - Refreshing sweet root hydration, 68 calories
  • #theorangeone- 70% orange 30% carrot - The taste of sunshine with hidden roots, 88 calories
  • #sweetgreens- 75% apple 15% spinach 8% kale 2% lemon - Apple, sweetness with a depth of green, 100 calories

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