Once a Producer Manifesto for Land Reform is completed early next year, South African primary wine producers will try to attract funding through EU and North American sources.

This was announced over the weekend by VinPro, an independent producer organisation created with the breaking up of KWV as a co-operative.

VinPro deputy chairman Johann Krige made this announcement at a black empowerment consultative conference in Cape Town at the weekend, stating that R1 million had been made available by Nedbank to assist with the drawing up of a white paper to present to government.

He said the time for talking was over and that VinPro intended producing the paper for government consideration by the end of February. A consultant had already been appointed to work on sourcing the foreign funding once the paper had been accepted.

Krige said the industry would have to take mentorship of the programme. It was imperative that land reform for previously disadvantaged people be done in an accountable way with good governance and transparency.