Spanish wine makers have teamed up to launch a campaign to lure younger Spaniards to drink more wine.

The wineries have tapped local marketing shop Vinomio to handle the effort, which envisages the roll out of numerous promotional events targeting 35,000 younger drinkers nationally.

Starting on 28 September, the €450,000 'Vinos, Tapas y Risas' campaign will run until late October. It will seek to demystify young people's vision that wine drinking is only for the old guard.
The backers include wineries Agustí Torelló Mata, Alvear, Faustino, Gutiérrez de la Vega, Hidalgo-La Gitana, Martín Códax, Martínez Bujanda, Bodegas Riojanas, Bodegas Valcarlos e Ylera, which wines will be served in the events.

According to Vinomio, Spaniards each consumed an average of 28.2 litres of wine in 2003, most aged over 40.