The perception of private label brands is changing in Poland with their traditional image of having low quality gradually fading, according to a study.

The study, published today (4 December) by PMR Research, showed that the purchasing of private labels is no longer treated merely as a way to shop economically (66% of respondents think so) but rather as a "clever, wise way to shop" (56%).

More than two-fifths of the interviewees claimed that they buy private labels more often compared to a year ago and 27% say that own brands constitute a significant part of their shopping.

The study, conducted on a nationwide sample of Polish consumers in September, found that the most recognisable private labels in the country are Tesco and Real Quality, which were recognised by 61% of respondents.

At the same time 60% recognised the Carrefour brand, and 40% - another Tesco brand - Tesco Korzystny Zakup.

Conversely, Polish brands Wiodaca Marka, Pierwsza Cena and ECO+ were characterised by poor recognition.

PMR concluded that respondents mostly point to the brands whose name they associate with the name of a retail chain, or the brands which comprise this name.

During the survey, PMR also asked where the respondents most frequently do their shopping. Four retail chains came out on top: Biedronka, Real, Tesco and Carrefour.