Premium Cognac makes a splash

Premium Cognac makes a splash

Cognac volume sales increased by 11% in the year to the end of July, with resurgent growth led by high-end varieties, according to the trade body Bureau National Interprofessionnel Cognac (BNIC).

Shipments rose to 145m bottles, BNIC said today (27 August).

BNIC director Catherine Le Page said that growth was driven by two regions - North America, where volumes increased by 10% to 50m bottles, and the Far East, where shipments rose by 24% to 45m bottles. European markets have proved slow to recover, with shipments of 44m bottles in the 12 months to the end of July, down by 2% on the previous year.

Higher quality Cognacs performed the best, with Very Superior Old Pale up 14% globally and the most expensive top shelf brands, which have matured for at least six years in the barrel, up 16%. The lower-priced VS category, which includes Cognac matured for at least two years in barrels, rose by 7%.

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