Power Brands has introduced its Aqua Planet water brand in recyclable cans across select stores in the northern California area.

The company said on Tuesday (25 March) that by introducing the 24oz re-sealable aluminium cap cans, made by Rexam, the vitamin-enhanced water is not only kept "fresh and cold" for longer, but is also "good for the environment".

The purified water drink, which is blueberry pomegranate flavour and "slightly carbonated", uses the tagline "Refresh. Recycle. Reuse', the company said. Aqua Planet will also be available in both 12oz and 16oz. can sizes.

Power Brands CEO Darin Ezra said: "We are committed to helping consumers and protecting our planet by offering refreshing purified water in a 100% recyclable aluminium container. That's why we chose to partner with Rexam. They delivered a re-sealable aluminum package that is good for the environment, appeals to consumers and differentiates our brand on store shelves."

Rexam Beverage Can North America president and CEO Harry Barto added: "We worked closely with the team at Power Brands to understand how we could help them achieve their goals of differentiating the Aqua Planet brand in an environmentally-friendly container. Our cap can proved to be the answer, delivering portability and recycling superiority, while building their brand and bottom line."

Aqua Planet is initially available in select retail stores in northern California, but is set to be distributed across the US this year as well in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.