The Portman Group has launched a new campaign targeted at women. The responsible drinking campaigners are rolling out a campaign focussing on the effects of excessive alcohol on a woman's looks.

Posters and postcards for the 'spoof' cosmetic, Masque crème de regret, will be available during September in pubs, bars and coffee around the country.

Announcing this new initiative, Portman Group chief executive, Jean Coussins, said: "The facts speak for themselves: Among young women aged 16-24, the proportion drinking more than 35 units per week has more than tripled, rising from 3% in 1998 to 10% in 2002.  Binge drinking plays havoc with your skin as it dehydrates. Drinking too much also interrupts your beauty sleep which means you may not look your best the next day!

"Masque looks like something that has been developed by white-coated experts working diligently in a lab, desperate to hang on to the secret formula. In fact, there is no secret - women who want to drink should stick to the Government's recommended daily guidelines of 2-3 units, if they don't want to start running any health risks."

Postcards and posters promoting Masque will be encouraging women to think about the effect that drinking to excess will have on their looks and their health.

The campaign will also see the launch of a host of new web pages about women and drinking at . The web pages will feature horoscopes, drinks diaries and useful information about alcohol and beauty.