UK drinks industry self-regulatory body, The Portman Group, has launched a new campaign to promote its responsible advertising code. 

Portman said today (28 September) that it will focus on the rule that actors have to be, and look, 25 years of age to be shown drinking as part of any alcohol marketing campaign in the UK.

Portman's code sets minimum mandatory standards for all alcohol naming, packaging, brand websites, sponsorships and sampling.

David Poley, Portman Group chief executive, said: "We have chosen to promote the 25 year-old rule because it is one of the lesser known restrictions. It applies to any marketing activity carried out in the UK by a drinks company. The industry has set itself extremely high standards across all its marketing. Now, we want to ensure consumers know the rules and how to complain."

Earlier this month, the head of the Wine & Spirit Trade Association claimed the debate over how to tackle excess drinking in the UK was becoming "distorted".

CEO Jeremy Beadles said there is a climate of prohibition creeping into rhetoric used by groups campaigning for tougher measures on alcohol sales and promotion.