The managing director of Porfidio Tequila has fiercely attacked reports, which claimed 42,000 litres of Porfidio Tequila have been confiscated after falling short of industry standards.

Ana Catalina Fenyvesi, managing director told via the just-drinks forum that comments that investigators discovered 24,000 litres of aged Tequila and 18,000 litres of white Tequila with misleading labels are a complete invention.

"Due to the commercial success and high consumer acceptance of Porfidio especially in Mexico and also abroad, a smear campaign has been directed towards our company in order to erode consumer confidence in our product.

"Contrary to Mexican press releases, our company has never ever been closed down as can be verified by any individual who wishes to visit our facility in Puerto Vallarta and not one litre of Tequila has been confiscated," Fenyvesi added.

A report on 21st June by just-drinks claimed that the Tequila Regulation Council (TRC) and the Mexican government banned the domestic and foreign sale of Porfidio brand Tequila based on charges of false labelling and selling a product that does not meet established norms.

"The accusation that Porfidio does not meet established quality standards is not only absurd but also highly defamatory in nature. For this reason criminal charges are presently being prepared against those individuals who have put forward such wild accusations," said Fenyvesi.

According to Javier Arrollo, president of the TRC, not only did the TRC discover product misrepresentation but also evidence of commercial fraud perpetrated by means of false shipping documents and product descriptions.