Pom claimed Ocean Sprays ingredients were “cheaper filler juice alternatives to pomegranate”

Pom claimed Ocean Spray's ingredients were “cheaper filler juice alternatives to pomegranate”

Pom Wonderful has lost a legal case it launched against Ocean Spray in the US over the promotion of one of its juice drinks.

In 2009, Pom sued Lakeville-based Ocean Spray in California over the promotion of its 'Ocean Sray 100% Juice Cranberry & Pomegranate' drink. Pom claimed the drink's labelling misled consumers because the primary ingredients were grape and apple juices, and therefore "cheaper filler juice alternatives to pomegranate".

Pom also argued that consumers were "tricked" into thinking they were buying a product similar to its own, for a lower price. A US federal jury, however, rejected the claims last week - a decision welcomed by Ocean Spray.

"We are pleased with the verdict and that the jury agreed with our view that our labels and advertising on our 100% Cranberry Pomegranate Juice Blend are truthful," Ocean Spray said in a statement. "We've said from the beginning of litigation almost three years ago that Pom's claims had no merit."

In September last year, the US Federal Trade Commission issued a complaint against Pom for "false and unsubstantiated" health claims about its products.