Polmos Lublin is to propose a bumper payout to shareholders, according to local reports.

In a report in Polish News Digest late last week, the vodka company said that it will pay a dividend of PLN2 per share for last year, totalling PLN9m.

The dividend, set to be proposed at Polmos Lublin's general shareholders meeting, will come from the company's entire 2005 earnings of PLN2.9m (US$915,000) as well as PLN6.1m from previous years' profits.

Payment is expected to be made on 24 July to shareholders of record on 10 July, the company said.

Earlier this year, Polmos Lublin posted a 57% rise in Q1 net profit, which came in at PLN2m. The increase came off the back of surging revenues for the period, up 45% year-on-year at PLN30.5m.