This month's latest drinks releases include a beverage containing pollen and an all-red anti-aging drink, according to recent research.

A survey of recently-released beverages by Productscan late last week has highlighted Burst Pollen-Based Energy Beverage Packets in the US from Projoba International. The beverage is touted as a low-calorie drink powered by organically-grown flower pollen extracts designed to boost energy levels. The company said that microscopic grains are opened under pharmaceutical conditions, providing a drink that boosts energy levels without giving the user the jitters. Other ingredients of the beverage include green tea extracts, B vitamins and the antioxidant superoxide dismutase.

In Japan, meanwhile, Asahi Soft Drinks has launched The Asahi Akai Vitamin Water, an anti-aging drink that contains four types of red ingredients - acerola, rose hip, black currant and cranberry. These provide the drink with the government-recommended daily intake of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and niacin plus polyphenols and other nutrients from the fruit.

Also launched in Japan this month is the Kanebo Lifting Collagen Functional Beverage from Kanebo Cosmetics. Another anti-aging drink, this drink is designed to provide the over 40s with a collagen boost to restore elasticity to the skin and an amino acid complex to smooth wrinkles. Included in the ingredients of Kanebo's drink is extract of shark fin, swallow's nest and lychee.

In alcoholic beverages, Pivovarna Lasko has launched the Bandidos Power Beer with Guarana in Slovenia. The beer consists of 85% beer and 15% water, with added extracts of guarana and natural saffron.

Another watered-down alcoholic drink has been introduced in Germany and the United Arab Emirates by Sturmfeder & Schuette. Viqua Wine & Water is a composition of 51% German Riesling wine from the Weingut Graf von Bentzel Sturmfeder in Wuerttemberg and lightly sparkling mineral water from the Spanish Pyrenees. The use of water in this new wine product reduces the alcohol content down to 5.7%.