Anheuser-Busch has claimed that US consumers are turning back to beer, after a leading US pollster published its findings on alcohol consumption in the country over the last year.

According to Gallup data cited by A-B, beer consumption has risen 5% while wine consumption has fallen in the 12 months since last July. Of those questioned, 41% said they most often drank beer, A-B said, adding that beer accounts for almost 60% of alcohol servings.

A-B, which has suffered more than most as US consumers increasingly switch from beer to wines and spirits, has spearheaded an industry-wide marketing campaign to revitalise demand for domestic beer in the US.

The campaign, dubbed 'Here's To Beer', has faced criticism from rival brewers who have claimed it only serves A-B's interests. The Budweiser brewer has countered that the campaign has widespread support throughout the US beer industry and has pointed to its support from rival wholesalers.

Bob Lachky, executive vice president of global industry development at Anheuser-Busch, said: "Through innovative products, packaging and programs, such as 'Here's To Beer,' brewers and wholesalers are working hard to remind Americans of beer's role in our culture. It's great to see people are responding."