The Senate Commerce Committee chairman, Ernest Hollings, has asked his staff to look into the possibility of tougher controls on TV liquor advertising. One of the proposals to be considered is that TV advertising should carry the same health warnings which currently appear on beer, wine and spirits bottles. Hollings and Rep. Frank Wolf are known to want the committee to hold hearings on the TV alcohol advertising issue.

Frank Wolf is reportedly planning to send a letter to the network, NBC, requesting it to pull out of its agreement with Diageo to carry spirits advertising. If NBC refuses, Wolf says he will push for tight controls such as health warnings.

Brand companies and advertising agencies are opposed to including health warnings on TV adverts. Peter Cressy, president of the Distilled Spirits Council, pointed out that the Diageo ads to be aired on NBC would include social responsibility messages which he believed was a more effective way of tackling potential abuse of the products. "There is no reason for the government to further regulate our already carefully regulated industry," he said. The Association of National Advertisers also said that the Federal Trade Commission had sufficient regulatory powers to control TV advertising of spirits.