Police in Siberia have seized around 30,000 bottles of counterfeit vodka worth an estimated RUB3m (US$90,000), according to local reports. 

The half-litre bottles were labelled Pchenichnaya and bore fake tax stamps, according to Ria Novosti. It is understood each bottle cost dealers around RUB50 ($1.50) and would have been sold at double that price on the open market. 

The bottles were seized after police stopped a truck in the city of Chita, the capital of Eastern Siberia's Zabaikalsky Territory. 

Counterfeit alcohol has long been a problem in Russia. Around 12,000 people died in Russia last year from counterfeit drinks, according to official statistics. 

In one incident in 2006, three people died and around 60 were hospitalised after drinking ethanol-based glass cleaner sold in vodka bottles. 

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