Four employees at a Heineken brewery in Croatia have been questioned by police over a suspected toxic leak that may have left a local man in a coma.

The Dutch brewing giant confirmed today (9 March) that the workers, including a technical manager, from its Karlovacka brewery had been quizzed by Croatian police.

A spokesperson for Heineken in Amsterdam told just-drinks that police are investigating whether there is a link between a wrongly connected carbon dioxide pipe in the brewery and the alleged poisoning of a local man.

She said the man had been found close to the brewery. Local reports said the elderly man remains in a coma with damage to his internal organs after inhaling excessive amounts of carbon dioxide.

"We are fully involved in the investigation and are working with the authorities," the Heineken spokesperson said. "It's in everybody's interest to know what has happened."

The Karlovacka brewery is located east of the Croatian capital Zagreb.