Poland is resisting a European Commission proposal to allow vodka to be sold in the EU using non-traditional ingredients.

Poland, alongside seven other member states, wants vodka-labelled drinks to be based only on cereals and potatoes. This has angered drinks manufacturers like Diageo, however, who back the Commission's solution that non-traditional ingredients be allowed, if clearly declared.

At an EU Council of Ministers meeting, the Polish representative said: "The use of raw materials other than the abovementioned such as by-products like grape marc … would not guarantee the marketing and selling of a quality product."

Noting these opponents could end up blocking the broad drinks labelling regulation which includes the vodka rule, Diageo EU corporate affairs spokesman Alan Butler said: "We would be disappointed if the reform didn't proceed".

However, then the unregulated definition of vodka within the EU would continue, with national geographical designation protection available for national recipes.