US water bottler Plant It Water has debuted a new packaging made from over 60% renewable materials.

The recyclable carton, made by Tetra Pak, uses largely renewable materials from sources such as plant fibres, the company said this week.

"Today, only about 20% of plastic water bottles are being recycled, which is alarming when you consider over 35bn plastic bottles of water are sold in the US alone each year," said Plant It Water CEO Jane Goldberg.

"By putting our spring water in a Tetra Pak carton, we offer a 'greener' alternative without compromising portability, convenience and taste."

Plant It Water said it would also plant one tree for every carton of water sold.

Through a partnership with Trees for the Future, the company said it aims to help global communities with reforestation projects and restoring livelihoods compromised by natural disasters and over-mining of natural resources.

This month, Plant It Water will be available at the Veg Fest and Green Festival in Seattle, events nationwide throughout the year, as well as on the shelf of a number of food markets in the next few months.