PJs is all set to launch two new additive-free fruit drinks in October. With growing parental concern over high sugar content in juices and overarching concerns about children's diets, it seems an appropriate time to introduce new young consumers to the burgeoning smoothie market.

Called FrooOties, PJs' new strawberry and orange flavoured pouch drinks are rolling out to all the major UK multiples until Christmas. The drinks are a blend of crushed fruit and juice with no other added ingredients and will be a combination of a smoothie and a juice.

Each 150ml pouch has an eight-week shelf life and retails at a lower price point than other PJ lines at £0.69. One pouch is said to provide one portion of the recommended five-a-day intake of fruit and vegetables.

The company is also spending nearly £1m on its first national TV ad campaign. The ads feature an animated cartoon character called Bert who consumes a vast amount of food and turns into a couch potato until he drinks a FrooOtie and subsequently slims down again.

In a move that will further broaden product usage, PJs is in discussion with contract caterers, schools and foodservice outlets and is planning a third variant and a multipack early next year. 

The product's packaging design is seeking to create the necessary dual marketing appeal required when targeting such age demographics. Specifically, the front of the pack has been designed to appeal to kids while the back has contents information to give parents confidence in the product. The move may even help create awareness amongst non-buyers of its adult brands.

Smoothie brands are currently popular amongst adult consumers, especially 18-34 year olds, so introducing this new variant is a good way for the company to grow both market share and the overall market value.

With parents becoming increasingly concerned about the nutritional content of their children's lunchboxes, the positioning of PJs at an accessible price point means the company can expect to see a growing number of Smoothies in UK school playgrounds.