Grapevine insect pest Phylloxera has been found at a 32-hectare Foster's Group vineyard in Australia's Yarra Valley. 

Foster's notified the Victorian Department of Primary Industries and Resources (DPI) following the discovery on Friday (1 December). Its presence at the vineyard was confirmed today (5 December) following a DPI examination.

Strict quarantine restrictions are in place on the affected vineyard, and vines from infected areas will be removed and destroyed, subject to ongoing consultation with the DPI.

Rectification costs associated with the affected vines are not expected to be material to Foster's, the company said.

It is not known how the pest came to be present in the previously Phylloxera-free region. The DPI will lead a review of Yarra Valley vineyards over the coming weeks to determine the extent of infestation.

Phylloxera feeds only on the roots of non-resistant grapevine root-stock causing gradual deterioration of vine health.

However, the DPI said that the pest does not affect the quality of wines and grapes, or present any risk to people or livestock.

Phylloxera is present in isolated winegrowing regions of Victoria and New South Wales including the King Valley, Nagambie and Rutherglen in north-east Victoria and areas around Sydney in New South Wales.