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Phusion Projects' Four Loko Blue Hurricane 

Category - FMB, 12% abv 

Available - Limited release from next month, then full roll out in March 

Location - US, off-trade, nation-wide 

Price - Between US$2.49 and $2.99 per 23.5oze can, depending on state

Distribution - Through Phusion's normal distribution network, using various distributors

Phusion Projects is adding a new cocktail-flavoured variant to its Four Loko range.

Blue Hurricance Four Loko, with an abv of 12%, will replace the range's Coco Loko variant, the company said yesterday (21 January). The flavoured malt beverage, which will start rolling out in the US off-trade nationally from next month, contains a “cyclone of tropical flavours”, Phusion Projects said. 

The new variant will be sold for US$2.49-$2.99 for a 23.5oz can, depending on the state. 

Four Loko is available in nine different flavours, including Black Cherry, Grape and Peach, launched last July.