An environmental group has found wines containing levels of pesticides, up to 5,800 times that of tap water.

The Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN-Europe), which released its study results yesterday (26 March), tested 40 bottles of wine including six wines made from organic grapes.

Twenty bottles came from France, with the remaining 20 coming from countries including Italy, Australia, and South Africa.

"In some, we found levels of pesticides 5,800 times higher than those admissible in tap water," said François Veillerette, PAN-Europe administrator and president of member organisation Movement for the Rights of Future Generations.

Although no wine exceeded authorised limits, Veillerette said, no limits have been set for wine.

"We refer to those [limits] used for grapes, which are very high," he said, adding that, if the same residues were found in bottled water, they could not be sold.

Only five of the organic wines were described as uncontaminated.