Wan Corporate Services, the sole agent of Perrier in Hong Kong and Macau, has refuted Consumer Council findings in Hong Kong the water brand's nitrite levels are above EU standards.

In a statement today (16 June), Wan said it will contest the test published by the Consumer Council and reported in Choice magazine yesterday.

The EU standard of Nitrite allowed is 0.1 mg/L and the Council said Perrier samples contained 0.40 mg/L. Wan said it has since carried out its own tests and results showed 0.05 mg/L.

"We are in contact with the Consumer Council in an effort to clarify this matter. As the possibility of a mistake and/or misunderstanding is great, and the health risk to our consumers is practically non-existent, there is no need to recall Perrier," Wan said.

The company responded to Consumer Council on 18 May and informed them that the tests results of 0.05 mg/L (both from French factory and the French Health Authorities), were "well within" the EU standards.

"As stated by the Consumer Council, 10 litres of Perrier per day (or 30 bottles of Perrier 330ml per day) may have an impact on the consumer re Nitrite," Wan said.

"Perrier is definitely safe for consumption. Consumer health and product safety is the top priority and we assure all customers and consumers that Perrier is safe and fit for consumption. We will do more lab tests in Hong Kong and in France and would expect test results within one week."