Click through to see Pernod Ricards Royal Salute Tribute to Honour

Click through to see Pernod Ricard's Royal Salute 'Tribute to Honour'

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Pernod Ricard's Royal Salute 'Tribute to Honour'

Category - Spirits, whisky, Scotch, blended

Available - From this month

Location - Global

Price - US$200,000 per 1-litre bottle, plus local duty and taxes

Distribution - Pernod Ricard's Chivas Brothers unit

Royal Salute 'Tribute to Honour' is a 45-year-old, blended Scotch whisky in a 1-litre flagon modelled by Garrard and based on the Scottish crown jewels (the Honours of Scotland).

Just 20 bottles will be available worldwide for direct sale by Chivas Brothers to qualified potential buyers who will be invited to view the bottle with Master Blender Colin Scott.

The flagon, which is encrusted with more than 400 diamonds and gold and silver detailing, comes with a miniature of the whisky for those buyers reluctant to break the seal on the large bottle. The contents are said to be “cask strength”.

Chivas Brothers quote the price as $200,000 per bottle “plus local duty and taxes”, according to the buyer’s location, and anticipate interest primarily from collectors in the Far East.