Local authorities check for counterfeit Jacobs Creek wine

Local authorities check for counterfeit Jacob's Creek wine

Pernod Ricard has warned retailers in the UK to be vigilant after hundreds of bottles of counterfeit Jacob's Creek have been found on sale in the country.

Officials have seized 340 bottles of fake Jacob's Creek from independent off licences across the east London borough of Havering, after Pernod's UK arm tipped off local authorities. The drinks group is concerned that the problem may affect most of the south-east of England.

"We are aware of criminal activity involving the sale and attempted sale of counterfeit wine labelled as Jacob’s Creek to independent and wholesale retailers in the Greater London and Brighton area through unofficial distribution channels," said Pernod's deputy MD for the UK, Simon Thomas.

"This counterfeit product, which does not deliver the taste or quality expected from genuine Jacob’s Creek, is of very low quality and substandard taste," he said today (28 March).

Authorities have not yet determined the source of the counterfeit Jacob's Creek and it remains unclear how widespread the problem is. A spelling mistake on the label is an easy way to identify the bottles, according to Pernod: 'Wine of Australia' is spelt 'Wine of Austrlia'.

"We are working closely with Trading Standards Institute to identify counterfeit product," said Thomas. "We urge our trade customers to be vigilant and only ever purchase their wine, spirit and champagne stock through a Pernod Ricard representative, or another official distribution channel."

The wine is being sold at the same price as genuine Jacob's Creek, according to Havering Council. It said that tests on the wine have shown that it is not harmful to health.