Chivas Brothers will focus on the age statement of Scotch whiskies

Chivas Brothers will focus on the age statement of Scotch whiskies

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The Scotch whisky and gin unit of Pernod Ricard, Chivas Brothers, has launched a global promotional campaign focussing on the age statement of whisky across its Scotch portfolio.

The division announced the campaign, entitled 'The Age Matters', at a press briefing at its London headquarters today (28 June).

The push, which initially launches in the travel retail channel before moving into domestic markets, is a result of consumer research conducted for Chivas, which highlights a low understanding of what an age statement on Scotch actually means. A survey of 2,000 consumers in nine markets, including all of the BRICM nations, showed that only 10% of them knew that the number on an aged product showed the age of the youngest whisky that has gone into the blend.

Included in the campaign is point-of-sale materials, advertising and public relations, with the use of promoters on stand to inform consumers about the definition of an age statement. A label will also be used on bottles across Chivas' Scotch portfolio, which includes Ballantine's, Chivas Regal, The Glenlivet and Royal Salute.

Financial details behind the promotion were not disclosed.

“The revelation that so many existing whisky drinkers do not understand that the age statement refers to (the) youngest age of the whisky shows that there is an opportunity for us to inform them,” said Chivas' CEO and chairman, Christian Porta.

“In an age when consumers of luxury goods increasingly demand transparency and authenticity from brands, it is vital that we empower consumers with knowledge, so that they fully understand the value of what they are buying.”

Porta downplayed the generic appearance of the campaign visual, which can be seen to the right, highlighting instead Chivas' market leadership in “luxury Scotch whisky”.