For the first nine months of fiscal year 2000, Pernod Ricard consolidated turnover totalled 3.143 billion Euros (excluding duty and taxes), a growth of + 24% compared to the same period of the previous year, with organic growth of +6%. Third quarter sales increased by 21.3% with organic growth of 5.3%.

Patrick Ricard, Chairman of Pernod Ricard said, "The continued growth of sales through the third quarter was led by our activities outside of France and by our core `Spirits and Wines' business. Distribution also performed strongly, but the results from fruit processing and soft drinks were somewhat mixed reflecting the poor weather conditions this summer."

The "Spirits and Wines" core business, achieved a turnover of 1.195 billion Euros (excluding duty and taxes), which represents an increase of +11.5% with organic growth of 6.1% (6% for the third quarter). The 10 key brands increased by 5% in volume (compared with 4% at the end of the first half). The Group's strategy is to concentrate investment in these brands.

Amaro Ramazzotti, Havana Club, Jameson and Ricard saw accelerated growth during the summer. This was also true of Jacob's Creek, the Group's main wine brand, from Australia, which reaped the benefits of promotions linked with the Olympic Games.

During the year Pernod Ricard has transferred the distribution of Polish wodka(1) Wyborowa to its subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Mexico. By 2001, 90% of export volumes will be sold through the Pernod Ricard network with a strong growth objective.

The "Distribution" division also registered very good sales. The turnover rose to 0.911 billion Euros (+ 42%) mainly due to the consolidation of recent acquisitions: Saxton, Bargain Booze, Rounds and AR Daunt, and also because of increasing organic growth (+ 13.5%).

The "Processed fruit" division (fruit beverages and preparations) registered a turnover of 1.038 billion Euros, an increase of +26.3%. This is primarily due to the consolidation of Agros of Poland.

In the first nine months of the year sales outside France, accounting for 75.9% of total sales, increased by 33.3%. Sales in France grew by 1.7%.

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Note:(1) Vodka from Poland, 100% rye.