Pernod launched Our/Berlin in March last year

Pernod launched Our/Berlin in March last year

Pernod Ricard is expanding its Our/Vodka concept as it attempts to tap into global demand for local craft spirits.

Micro distilleries will open in 11 new cities, including New York, Detroit, London and Melbourne, Pernod said earlier today (3 April). They will join Berlin, which has been producing Our/Berlin vodka since March last year.

Our/Vodka is a programme implemented by Pernod that gives entrepreneurial spirits makers the chance to produce a locally-sourced vodka. The vodka is sold through Pernod's distribution network, but handled by the distillers themselves, a strategy that Pernod said at its innovation day in January allows the model to retain the feel of a craft spirits start-up.

The expansion starts with the launch of Our/Detroit in June. Distilleries in Seattle, New York, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and London will follow later this year. Austin, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans and Melbourne will also be part of the programme, Pernod said without giving details.

The project is being run by Pernod's Absolut vodka unit.

Berlin's franchise is run by local entrepreneurs Jon Sanders and Pauline Hoch and the distillery operates as a bar, an event space and liquor store.