Pernod Ricard is linking its global workforce

Pernod Ricard is linking its global workforce

Pernod Ricard has linked its global workforce in a new online company social network.

Pernod Ricard's version of Chatter, a social network for businesses, allows the French firm's 18,800 staff to be in continuous dialogue and share data in real-time, Pernod said today (4 December).

“Pernod Ricard’s business model is based on the twin pillars of decentralisation, which gives all our subsidiary companies substantial entrepreneurial independence, and conviviality, which means sharing between everyone including the continuous exchange of ideas,” Alexandre Ricard, Pernod's deputy CEO, said.

“Pernod Ricard Chatter was the tool we needed to turn these two aspects into an instant, daily reality for 18,800 colleagues.”

Cloud computing engineers built the interface, which mirrors the larger public social networks, Pernod said. It is part of the company's focus on innovation that saw it recently come 15th in a Forbes list of the world's most innovative companies.