Pernod Ricard was confirmed by the Polish Treasury yesterday as the sole bidder for 51% of shares in the country's leading vodka distiller and producer of Wyborowa vodka, Polmos Poznan.

However, Pernod's fortunes in Poland are not going all its own way. Pernod subsidiary Agros currently holds the export rights to the country's vodkas, which are thought to be a major bargaining chip in the company's efforts to acquire Poznan.

But, the French company admitted the sale of these rights, for all but Wyborowa and Zubrowka which it wishes to keep, were not straight forward.

"We have agreed to give back the other trademark rights, but there are conditions" a Pernod spokesman told "We are only interested in Wyborowa and Zubrowka, we have said that since the start."

In the last week the Polish press has reported that the Polmoses that Pernod is trying to sell to have rejected the French company's latest offer.

The Pernod spokesman said: "We are ready to give them [the rights] back but we are still trying to work the conditions out."

The French group recently won a court battle to keep hold of the rights in the face of efforts from the Polish government to confiscate them and hand them back to the brands' producers.

"We are ready to give them back, but we don't have to give them back. However things are on their way," said the spokesman.