Pernod Ricard has launched a marketing campaign for its flagship pastis, Ricard, in an attempt to stem the brand's falling sales.

The French drinks giant this week unveiled a poster campaign in 250 towns and cities around France with the slogan - "Un Ricard. Un vrai!"

Ricard, the world's eighth best-selling global spirits brand and Pernod's top seller by volume, has seen sales fall by an average of 4% a year over the last five years.

The brand is by far the top-selling spirits brand in France with a 14% share of the market - nearest rival Martini has a market share of 5%.

Nevertheless, Pernod has grown concerned at the brand's falling sales and increased competition from low-priced aniseed brands.

"Ricard is more expensive because it is a superior product," Philippe Savinel, Ricard's chief executive told reporters yesterday (22 February).