Pernod Ricard is pushing the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to release more info about one of its competitors, according to press reports. The Evening Standard said on Monday (13 June) that the drinks company is using the Freedom of Information Act to try and make the OFT release commercially sensitive data about Bacardi.

Havana Club, a joint-owned subsidiary of Pernod and Cuba's, has lodged an 11-page letter of complaint with the Information Commissioner against the OFT for refusing its request to see all internal communications of a two-and-a-half year probe into the business practices of Bacardi, the paper reported.

In 2002, the OFT issued a heavily edited notice, setting out its case that Bacardi had been abusing its dominant position in the British white rum market, the Standard said.

The OFT has refused Pernod's request and has only provided documents in which potentially commercially sensitive details have been deleted, the paper said. "It says it considers itself protected by legislation in the 2002 Enterprise Act criminalising the disclosure of confidential business data," the report continued.

Pernod's claim will now test whether the Freedom of Information act takes precedent. The Information Commissioner is considering both positions and a decision is imminent, the report concluded.

No-one at Pernod was available for comment when contacted by just-drinks.