Perfect Renaissance, the Israeli manufacturer of Vodka Perfect, is expanding its business and, for the first time, will export its kosher vodka to France.

A one-year contract has been signed with the Tayeb family, the owners of the Phoenix Arrack brand, who will market the vodka brand under their private label, Jackpot Vodka. The vodka will be sold mainly in kosher shops but will also be available in non-kosher retail chains.

"Kosher vodka is important to Jews, but appeals to gentiles as well," Yaakov Kieselstein, the owner of Perfect Renaissance Marketing, Israel, told just-drinks yesterday (4 September).

"'Kosher' has become synonymous with purity and quality, two very important factors in food, and especially in vodka. We estimate 100,000 bottles of vodka and liqueurs will be ordered from us by the French over the next year."

Vodka perfect is the biggest kosher vodka producer in Eastern Europe, and owns the biggest vodka making facility in Israel.

In Moldova it is known under the names Vodka Gorodskaia and Vodka Exclusiv. Its major production facility is in Romania. It also manufactures liqueurs and Arrack, mainly for the Israeli market.