PepsiCo is launching a super premium line of juices for its Tropicana juice brand.

The soft drinks company said today (6 March) that its high-end orange juice, named Tropicana Pure Valencia, is made from the top 3% of its orange harvest and has been supported by a US$30m marketing spend.

Tropicana's marketing director, Ellie Halevy said: "Consumers are looking for super-premium products and intends the push the juices outside of the usual breakfast time routines of consumption.

As part of the super premium line, the soft drinks company also plans to sell Indian River grapefruit, pomegranate/blueberry, peach/papaya/mango and raspberry/acai juice, the company said.

The juices will be aimed at single men and women aged 22 to 45 who have "a lot of discretionary income," the company added.

All Tropicana Pure blends in the 54oz and 1-litre sizes will retail at US$4.49, while all 12oz sizes will retail at $2.49.