PepsiCo is to introduce new labelling on its Tropicana products to assure consumers that most of the juice range does not contain genetically-engineered ingredients.

The move comes despite no change to the Tropicana liquid - PepsiCo maintains its orange juice range has always been non-GMO. Instead, the company said the non-GMO packaging, which will appear on products from February, is being introduced to satisfy consumer demand in the country for information.

"Today, consumers want information that can help them make choices," said PepsiCo this week. "We felt this was important to reassure them that Tropicana Pure Premium is non-GMO, as it always has been,."

Just over 90% of the Tropicana range will carry the labels:

  • Tropicana Pure Premium No Pulp
  • Tropicana Pure Premium Some Pulp
  • Tropicana Pure Premium Lots of Pulp
  • Tropicana Pure Premium Calcium No Pulp 
  • Tropicana Pure Premium Calcium Lots of Pulp

This year, PepsiCo removed aspartame from its Diet Pepsi range because of consumer demand, it said.