PepsiCo is refusing to be drawn on reports it is being taken to court by Apple Rush over the alleged usurping of its brand name in India.

Earlier this month, just-drinks reported that PepsiCo India was to receive a lawsuit from US-based organic juice maker Apple Rush Company after the drinks giant launched an Apple Rush variant to its Tropicana Twister's line in India.

The Illinois-based Apple Rush Company objected to the brand name and threatened legal action, branding PepsiCo's actions as "unfair business practice" and said it was "retaining a lawyer in India" to assist against the drinks giant.

When contacted by just-drinks today (2 June), a spokesperson for PepsiCo said it did not believe the company was infringing on anyone's rights and refused to confirm whether it had received legal papers.

Since initial reports, Apple Rush CEO Robert Corr told reporters last week it had been contacted by the Indian Times and the CNBC TV bureau in India.

"Pepsi's actions are unconscionable. When you have a company superseding your brand's introduction into a country it creates unnecessary difficulties in that territory for the brand developer," Corr said. "This smacks of typical trade show or cyber poaching where a company may discover a concept or a great name and then use it freely as if it were their own, without regard to the impact it may have on the owner and stock holders. Pepsi seems to stop at nothing in their fight for market share, which includes using our mark."

Pepsi and Corr have been at odds for years in the Circuit Courts over other issues and Pepsi's lawyers have been sued by Corr for malfeasance.

"Using our name in India is an insult to injury. Our name is everything to us," Corr added.